Columbus Ohio Pride 2019

Fun Fun New Experience!

So most of you probably remember me mentioning in my last post about how I was going to make this year at Columbus pride a new experience — due to being on my own the whole weekend long. I did it! it wasn’t easy by any means but since I have attended this the past 7 years, it made life easier when it came to finding the event, knowing where things are placed and already being prepared for a huge crowd. 

Columbus pride this year was June 14th – June 16th and I stayed in a hotel all weekend (which reminds me, the hotel reviews weren’t horrible but not great but my experience at this hotel was actually really good besides it being a butt to find — but overall, I would probably stay there again for another event because it offered free breakfast and the bed was comfortable and it had decent room space) 

As far as attending the festival & parade and traveling, I drove to CBus, which is a hour and half away from me but I used Uber the rest of the time I was there to save on gas and not have to worry about traffic, directions, parking and if I was to drink in alcohol to be safe about it. Uber can be a hefty price pending how far and how long the drive is and when you travel to multiple places in one day, it definitely adds up but thankfully, I saved a decent amount of money for this trip (otherwise I wouldn’t have gone) no need to go bankrupt attending a festival. Friday was festival from 4pm til late and I stayed up until a few hours before it ended; since I have social anxiety, I decided I would look for food at a food truck and then sit around listening to music (my hope was someone would see me alone and maybe strike up a chat) although that didn’t happen, the music was fun and I got a lot of cardio in from walking around! My nerves went off a couple different times but I relaxed and calmed myself because I was bound to make the most of this event on my own and didn’t want to let myself down. 

I stayed in on Friday night after the festival and hung out at the hotel — I also decided to order in Rallys (never had it) and wanted to experience something new — I had it delivered to the house and the fries were BOMB! the burger was eh, and the coney dog wasn’t horrible but the fries definitely made the meal. Part of me wished I wasn’t be a lazy bum because I could have saved myself the expense of delivery and fees driving to the location myself. Oh well. 

The next morning, I was up later than I had wanted to be but I was able to make breakfast; toast, cereal and some orange juice and a coffee. I wanted to make it to the parade before it started to get good standing spots to see everything and get there in decent time before too much traffic — I used Uber once more and arrived at a great location near the parade where I could walk 3  minutes up the road & thankfully I had great timing because I was able to get a spot up front. I wouldn’t say I made any new friends at the parade but I did speak to a few different people and had some of which hand me stuff that was being thrown at us (nice gesture). The grand marshal of this year was NINA WEST! who is well known in CBus and also the one the show Rupaul’s dragshow race, which I haven’t seen but I knew vaguely who she was. Anyways, from what I gathered she has raised millions of dollars for the city of CBus and the trans community, and LGBTQ community there and I believe that says everything because the community really enjoys her and respects her. The parade was about 2 hours long a little less than that. I decided to walk to the festival after the parade and used my phone GPS to find the location / also basically followed the crowd.  This time I did a lot more walking around and it rained — rained fairly hard to be honest, I was drenched -_- 

Saturday, I managed to spot my ex gf with her new gf at the festival, I don’t know if she seen me but I just remember last year seeing her and breaking down in tears but this year, I decided I wouldn’t allow myself to get sad or upset over it & be happy for her. It was hard, it surely was but I made the best of the situation because I came to this event on my own and I wanted a happy ending. 

Saturday I stayed very late at the festival and decided to even get on on the dancing at the stage front for a few minutes (something I wouldn’t have normally have done but wanted to dance and really just let loose) I went back to the hotel and got ready because I wanted to go out to the bars and meet people and enjoy some drinks and really just chill. I chose a bar I liked and met someone in line who seemed chill & was from out of town but came to CBus for the same reason I had & we clicked right away, he was gay and older but we looked out for eachother that night — I won’t lie and say this ended well because it didn’t end quite like I had planned ( i got 2 phone numbers) but the rest is history, where I ended up and how I got there I regret but the experience I do not because it was for me and I had a grand time overall that whole weekend. I’d do it all over again if I had the option but I would make better choices at the bar and make sure to be more aware of my surroundings before getting drunk (especially being on my own) and NO, i DID NOT go to jail, thankfully. 

My next agenda is to attend another pride weekend in another city! I have some I want to attend in July and August as well 😀

See you on the flip side! 


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