Are you practicing safe sex?

I know as a female it sounds funny when someone ask if you practice safe sex while engaging with the same sex — but honestly if you haven’t done your research, it is true, lesbians can get STDs too. 

Not going to make this post all lecturing but I do want to make sure women know that sex is sex regardless of who you have it with and what your sexual preferences are, you should always be aware of your partners sexual history and want to know if they have been tested and vice versa (get tested yourself) sometimes diseases don’t show signs right away. In this day and time — we are all about hopping the sheets with someone & if that is the choice you are making as an adult, then at least be smart about it before doing so. Now, I can’t say I have been tested, but I do know I should be (I will be soon, even though I don’t have a list of partners and I am  not currently partaking in sexual activities — I still want to be able to show proof that I am clean) because I want to be safe & IF I do have something, I would rather know now than to wait til it gets worse with time. Many lesbians don’t practice safe sex, hell, I have been one who didn’t always practice it either, but with the research that stands behind how easily it is to take chances and end up sickly or worse having to take medication for the rest of your life — I definitely don’t want to be that percentage of people who knew better but ignored my responsibility as an adult in getting tested and practicing safe sex. 

Going forward, I think it is safe to say that nobody is invisible to a STD, it doesn’t discriminate and while we might not have a significantly high chance in catching a STD, don’t be ignorant and think it doesn’t happen to lesbians — because it does with and without your knowledge. If you want to have multiple partners or take part in sexual activities – be aware, be smart and be responsible. Nothing wrong with sex, just do your research and be more informed on the topic of sex & sexually transmitted diseases.



P.S if you don’t know the tools to use to keep yourself safe, make sure to do some research, just to name a couple: condoms, & dental dams (and this post goes for gay men as well) 

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