Does kissing the same sex on the lips mean you are gay?

A Kiss Doesn’t = Gay

We live during a time where people have multiple ways of showing affection, love, kindness & respect. It doesn’t shock me to see two females or two males kissing, nor would it shock me to see a heterosexual female kissing their best friend on the cheek or lips. We get so hung up on ways to prescribe someones sexuality based on their actions, how they dress, or their personality traits — that when someone shows affection to the same sex, we assume it makes them gay.. no questions or considerations. In a perfect world, I would love to think that anytime I see a female kissing another female, that’s the signal for being gay, but so many times I have seen my “straight” friends make out with their bestfriends who happen to be the same-sex but it didn’t change or alter their sexuality — at the end of the day, still straight and still wouldn’t date a female. Now, not saying that if a female who kisses the same sex couldn’t possibly be gay, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she is just from the action alone.  

When kissing the someone on the lips, it is a sign of endearment & love, but doesn’t mean the person got pleasure from it. A person can kiss someone without getting off on the thought of kissing the person, that’s when it is more or less their way of showing they care for the person but not enough to be romantically inclined with them. The kiss can be a fun gesture, a way to flirt, a form of respect or a way to show you care/love somebody. It has many meanings but it doesn’t always mean someone is gay. 

My take on kissing on the lips the same sex is the same with many things, which is, some things are more or less than what we see with our eyes & without the truth, we can only assume — and assuming means we don’t really know & if we don’t know, then chances are we could be making the wrong assumption. It’s best to not overthink someone’s actions. 

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Shay-lon Moss

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