Why it’s important for LGBTQ members to vote

Why’s it is important for our community to vote

Because many of us need our voices heard, need our needs met, because we still have to deal with certain adversities  —  & we shouldn’t have to deal with them, we shouldn’t have to suck it up and allow it to continue happening in our community just because we are the minority. Even better reason is because we need change to happen and the only way that can happen is being more involved with our community, current events, politics and being more open about what needs to change out loud for the world to hear. Many of us have families and friends, if no other reason to vote but to stand for your peers and to be a good example for the next generation so that we can continue to see positivity within the world around us, come together and be equal instead of separate. LGBTQ community, I know it seems pointless to vote sometimes due to thinking that our vote doesn’t matter, but if it didn’t matter, marriage wouldn’t of happened for us, if we didn’t vote, the world wouldn’t understand what we are after & wouldn’t be woke to the problems that surround this community. Each of us needs to play a part in order for all of us to reap the benefits/rewards. PLEASE VOTE! stand up & be the change you want to see.

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