Lesbian probs: To Go Shaved or Unshaven “Downstairs”

It’s optional

The choice is yours.

This whole idea that women should have to shave because we are women and it is expected of us, is total bullcrap. Gender norms are boring and if I am being honest, while I do shave my “downstairs” (well wax mostly) — there have been plenty of times when I say to hell with it and keep it hairy but still well kept & clean. Personally,  my legs go not shaved for weeks before I finally work up the nerve to want to take the time & that’s because sometimes I feel lazy and especially in colder months, who is going to give a crap. When it comes to our bodies and what we shave, that should be up to us & if you are in a relationship; maybe your spouse’s preference may sway you in either direction, but in my case, I am single and I will shave my downstairs when I see fit. I know of many women who won’t even go down on their wives or girlfriends unless the downstairs is hairless (people like what they like) but for me, I say as long as it is well maintained and clean , I won’t be too picky. Take into consideration that people don’t shave their body parts for multiple reasons and if you are going into a relationship where someone doesn’t choose to shave  — don’t expect to change that. This is how I see things:

Find you a girl who accepts your choice to shave or not shave your personal lady parts & Find you someone who fits your needs in that area as well. Easy business

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