How to express to your girlfriend her downstairs smells..

Now women, this may or may not ever happen to you and if it does, I feel it is important to speak about & if it doesn’t well, this is clearly good information for whenever it could happen. Some of you are probably laughing because this seems like a very weird topic to discuss, but as lesbians; some of us will be taking part in eating out another women & if this person is you, then I think you should be aware of how to handle negative possibilities stemming from it. Plus! I do believe it could be you with the genital area that seeps a nasty odor or uncleanliness & I am hoping whoever you date will be tactful if they should let you know out of honesty (especially if this person loves you) . For starters we all have our own odor when it comes to the vaginal area & that is to be expected, no matter who you date and sometimes women have no smell whatsoever, but not all smells are bad, some are based on the food we eat, the vaginal secretion and how well we maintain that areas cleanliness & some even have health issues that could cause a smell; so before you go assuming your lady is a nasty hoe, be sure to analyze all perspectives and take into consideration her feelings at all times. 

Caution, if you stop having sex or eating her out and never tell her why, then you aren’t doing her any justice because sooner or later that will cause her to be more self conscious of her body and not want to engage in sexual activity with you at all — communication is key and there are other ways to have sexual relations with a woman if this isn’t your thing. It has been asked in multiple lesbian groups I am in on Facebook & it seems to be concerning for women because we want to be kind about it but still be honest so that it can be worked on & many of us don’t know how to start this conversation or what to say without feeling like we are the bad guys. Welp, i am hear to give some informal advice on the topic and hopefully it helps someone out or gives you a starting point. 

When choosing to address this concern with your partner, you need to find a time that is private because this is a private issue and nobody wants their business aired out (so don’t make it a discussion at the family reunion or movie theater with friends) be mature about the time and day and come to this discussion in a serious manner but an understanding tone. Don’t start firing shots, give it a moment before jumping in, but don’t beat around the bush. The wrong thing to do, is say “listen, I think your vagina smells bad and I don’t feel comfortable going down on you any longer”  — reason being is because it comes off like you don’t want to engage sexually with her anymore and it also shows lack of sympathy or care. The BETTER way to go about it, is saying “Listen babe, I love you and I care about you and I enjoy spending time with you sexually, mentally and physically — I would never say something to hurt your feelings intentionally & I would only bring up concerns to better our relationship so that our bond is stronger. The other night when we were in bed making love, I had noticed a smell coming from your vaginal area when I was beginning to go down on you & to be honest, I didn’t know what to think at first, but I wanted to bring this to your attention because I couldn’t bring myself to continue unless we knew further as to what was going on & I figured you would appreciate my honesty so that we can solve this together” — YES, it will take her a moment to process this information, but this message is much more appealing to her heart than the first message and also comes off more like you care than your complaining. She might not like this information because nobody likes being told they stink by someone they love, especially when the stitch is coming from a part of our body that we only show to those we feel comfortable with or have a relationship with. For many people, it could be our first time and this kind of information would sting but the best way to handle this situation is to find out the problem and find a solution for it. Keep the lines of communication open on both sides and allow your partner to be supportive; because while it is your body and effecting you, it also can effect them and the relationship as well. 

Thankfully I have never ran into this issue, but I know if I did,  I would know how to handle it the best way I could without hopefully causing damage to anyone’s self esteem. As said before, it will not be easy talking about this at first because it is a topic of discussion nobody wants to hear; but it is better to be honest than to stop engaging with your partner sexually & having them feel insecure. Hopefully I have given you the tools you need to succeed in a healthy relationship with your girlfriend, please feel free to add your own tidbits in the comment section, follow this blog, share it with friends & like the post!  

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