Can You Handle Some Flaws or Nah?

Did She Promise You Perfection?


Are you going to be let down when someone reveals themselves to you? the real person behind the pretty face. 

I feel as though you went in with a thick skull and didn’t stop to think that just maybe this beautiful woman would come with a baggage full of imperfections that scares off people the moment they are revealed. Her imperfections aren’t something to be scared of unless they render harm to self or others but they are something that nobody would suspect from her because they were too busy stargazing at her outer shell. I, too have been caught dating people who have a beautiful outer shell but after getting to know them further, have skeletons that unfold and reveal themselves, rendering you confused anad quite surprised — the difference between you and I? I stayed long enough to understand & you ran at first glimpse. 


Ladies, you should be aware that people come with flaws – some can be seen with the naked eye and others come when the person feels comfortable enough to share or during an event that consist of their reaction. Most of the time, we never know who someone really is, until we have stayed long enough to find out. Nobody wants to throw out a bunch of negatives on a first date, and some people have trust issues, so when it comes time to tell you; they only hope you handle it well & then others are in denial — and perceive themselves as one person in the beginning then flip when you least expect it. Depending on the flaw, it might be worth staying or it might be best to leave while you can. Lesbians always joke about how chicks are crazy, mentally unstable a lot of times — I don’t necessarily disagree but I don’t think it renders someone crazy if they have a reason behind their madness that makes sense. I.e for example: if a woman you are interested in wears rubber gloves during events that require getting dirty, her reasoning being that she has a germ phobia, is that bad enough for you to run? I would think people would understand her reasoning and respect them — but let’s say a woman you are interested in beats the living shit out of you but smiles in your families face afterwards— I’d expect people to run as far away as possible and press charges if need be. The unfortunate part is.. People have it ass backwards many times; they will stay in the abusive relationship but run if someone has a form of OCD or does things differently. If this is the case, who is the crazy one now? probably you for judging the lady who has a phobia towards germs but stays with the lady who is abusive. -_-


Point made, right. Well, this is my feelings towards flaws and deciding when it time to call it quits. Everyone has imperfections. Everyone has truths that are untold & everyone usually puts on their best face when you first meet them. The only way you will know if you can handle someone’s flaws is to remember you have some yourself & think of how you would want someone to react toward yours.


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