Happy Pride Month

June Gay Pride 

June is considered the month of #pride #lgbtq and I wanted to wish all my readers and writers alike a happy month of June! This month always excites me, because for one, I am within the gay community and enjoy attending festivals, concerts, etc that celebrate our rights and allow us to be who we are without judgement — not to mention I cherish the history behind gay rights movements and the people who fought before us to make it so we continue to fight for equality. I made a wonderful post on my Instagram sharing my thanks to everyone who has been super supportive of not only myself but of others who are different from themselves and respect the rights of humans to love who they choose, to live proudly among everyone and to feel as though they are not a monster but a person with a heart and soul who strives for nothing more than to be accepted and loved and shown the same respect as their straight peers. 


The month of June is important because while the community grows, it never dies. It has shown year after year that we won’t back down for being who we are, we won’t change in order to fit the “norms” of society because people don’t like it. Everyday is a struggle for most individuals because not everywhere takes to our sexuality lightly, not everywhere do people get treated equally, not everywhere do people feel safe enough to kiss or hold the hands of their partners. I for one, stay cautious of my surroundings no matter where I am because you never know what lurks & what could arise, BUT I don’t sway from what makes me, me in order to suit the majority. Being cautious is a good thing, it doesn’t mean changing yourself due to your environment, it means staying woke to the people around you, staying woke to the situations that could arise from having your sexuality exposed and staying woke to the encounters that could happen at any point in time due to who you are. Nobody is asking for you to change, I am asking that you don’t turn a blind eye to the everyday bashing that happens, or the name calling and rioting, to the killings, to the discrimination that occurs within the work place and everything else in between. If staying blind is what you choose to do, then are deliberately putting yourself in danger; and ask yourself is it worth it?


If you are interested in looking at my recent Instagram post on #Pride month, check this link out: Instagram Pride Month — be sure to follow 😀



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