U-haul lesbians

Hey Everyone, 

It has been a whole month since you have heard from me on this blog, been busy on the Fitness/health blog and have neglected to write in this one, BUT I am back and hopefully today’s LGBT+ topic gets people engaged enough to share their opinions of what it means to be a “U-haul lesbian” & why I don’t fit the stereotype. 

Okay ladies and gents, we have all heard of the term “U-haul lesbian” plenty of times within our community and while I hate to admit it, there is some truth behind this term. In the case of lesbians, theory has it we like to move in with people we date within months of dating them because a year in the normal world equates to 2 months in our world, lol. The fact of the matter is, while I don’t think being a U-haul lesbian makes you a “bad” person, it does seem to render you more consequences when and if the relationship does not work out. 


I am hopeful that one day, I will be able to live the female of my dreams, but I am also a realist and don’t see every woman I date as the woman of my dreams, therefore, I am more skeptical of moving in with someone (especially someone I am in a relationship with) and even MORE skeptical if that person lives out of state or hours away from me (which seems to be my luck; if you remember, all of my relationships have been long distance). I tend to want to think things through before hopping on the bandwagon of wanting to move in with someone and it also depends on how I have been with the person (none of mine have been lengthy) which leads to my fear of “what if” — because when it comes down to it, if I go in head first without a plan & assume everything will be rainbows, then most likely when shit shatters .. I will be the one left with no place to live or go. This is WHY… 


If you are going to move in with your partner ladies, then make sure to have something in place for when things might not be able to play out as you hoped, this doesn’t mean not to be optimistic or happy about living with your partner but it means BE SMART about your move as well, especially if you are leaving behind a decent job, family, friends, kid, etc. Things don’t always go as planned, so don’t be the sucker having no place to go because you got kicked out — I am almost sure it would not be a fun experience. As for when “should you consider moving in with the person you are dating” if it were up to me, I would say a year or so, because hopefully within that year, you will know more about the person; you will have spent time over at their place or vice versa to know their quirks, their behaviors, etc.. how clean they are or are not, maybe their taste in design and decorations .. stuff that doesn’t seem very important now but will when you make the decision to live together. 


If you are going to be a “U-haul lesbian” BE A SMART ONE! 🙂



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