Gay Pride Festivals

Alright, so if you haven’t figured this out yet, I have been posting on this blog at random and usually only after I did a podcast discussing lesbian/gay topics (which are normally on Wednesday of every week). Once I make a more steady following, I will come up with a schedule of post for this blog so everyone knows what to expect until then, just be happy I am one of the very few who are discussing my sexuality in the first place openly. 


I did last Wednesday’s lesbian/gay topic on gay pride festivals and parades for the month of June in celebration of our #loveislove campaign and #nohate slogan. I did gay pride again this year in Columbus, Ohio for the 3rd or 4th time now with my ex girlfriend (each year I go with someone different) lol. I have always been one to look forward to these festivals because honestly it is summer and gives me something to do and not to mention I may or may not check out some of the cuties – glance when I am in a relationship, lol. This year’s pride event went well, the parade was exceptionally long compared to the years prior and the festival was in a new location that I didn’t hate but wasn’t used to. Thankfully I was lucky enough to stay the whole weekend in Columbus and enjoy what the city had to offer, because I love Columbus but that is mainly because I am falling in love with cities lately and think that is where I want to reside , in the city life someplace. Besides that, the food was good and the amount of people is always outstanding and not to mention usually there is plenty of exercise to be had with all the walking (so I didn’t feel lazy). 


If you went to a pride event this year, let me know in the comment section & also be sure to answer the question I posted on my podcast because I would be interested in your thoughts. 


For me going to pride didn’t mean nothing more than celebrating with people in my community and people who accepted my sexuality for what it is, but that was young and immature me and the type of me that didn’t really look beyond the superficial. Now the new and improved me – metaphorically speaking has realized that these events mean so much more than that and can make a difference in someone’s life – regardless of their sexuality or beliefs. See, when attending things like this, I notice the the closeness of people, the openness of being who you are without fearing it, the smiles on the many faces, the companies and churches who want us to feel comfortable at their business, and the overall freedom you feel – the freedom I felt when I first attended. I always act like a child in a candy store at these events, because every year is another year I am free, another year I can cherish with the people around me and know at the end of the day, I am not alone. It feels good to know when you aren’t alone in something; people don’t enjoy being outcast, they want to belong somewhere and have a purpose and this is what gay pride does for me, it provides me a purpose to keep being myself, to keep loving who I love and to keep fighting for who I am and know that others have fought for me and continue to fight for me as well. 


With everything going on in the world, it seems like this is our ONE break from all the chaos , our chance to smile and not feel guilty. See, many of us after this event go back home and have to deal with continued ridicule and hatred and mocking and bashing, so when we finally show up to the festival, we just want to call it home because to us it is better than where we reside, it is heaven on earth and the single best place to be when we hold hands with our partners.  —- this is my thought anyways. 


The part where shit gets real, is when not everyone in the gay community looks at these events in this way, they think of the festival and parades as a waste of time, a time where our community makes us look like immature, drunk fools who don’t give a shit about anything besides being naked and having sex and drinking. Sure, I did happen to see some body parts exposed and  I did happen to notice people drinking (including myself) and yes, my ex gf’s sister did happen to get drunk and look like a fool, so I can understand their perspective and respect it enough to know that it is true sometimes that we behave poorly during events like these BUT even so, having fun is part of enjoying life and if people make bad decisions, that is on them, but it doesn’t mean all of us are. You know, I have only been to the Columbus Pride Festival, so taking that into consideration, I have never been turned off from their event or parade – but maybe other cities happen to have more of the negative atmosphere and if that is the case, you either have a choice to attend and deal with it or take it up with the city or possibly visit another festival elsewhere. Don’t allow one festival or parade to keep you from seeing the BIGGER picture of these things, you may not enjoy the atmosphere but be grateful in knowing that there is a safe zone for you to be you and that someone made it possible for your rights and continues to fight for you without you even knowing of it. 


With all of this being said, I hope this was a fun post and if you are someone who wants to share your opinion, please be sure to do so in the comment section – also don’t be shy in sharing, liking and following this blog. 



3 thoughts on “Gay Pride Festivals

  1. I’m so glad you had fun here! Sexuality obviously doesn’t define who you are and it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation. The LGBTQ+ has been treated badly for too long and I really hope there’s a day where we can just be ourselves without everyone judging each other for things they have no control over like gender, race and sexual orientation.

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    1. Thank you PoojaG for being supportive, i appreciate this very much! I agree, I think that is our countries problem, we have been falling short in coming together because too many people are more focused on individualizing themselves for selfish reasons.. in my opinion.

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