Introducing myself, First thing you should know

There are not enough LGBT blogs that offer honest advice, opinions and experiences. This blog came to me during a break up a couple of weeks ago, I was looking for ways to cope because I wasn’t handling this break up very well.  I started looking up blogs and sites that could possibly help but only ONE had me hooked and because of that, I felt like it was time for me to do what others have yet to do enough of and that is create blogs that not only talk about being a lesbian or being a gay man, but create a blog that caters to life and relationships in this community and then make them so that people of other sexual orientations will want to read them too. I don’t want to be a lesbian writer, I want to be a lesbian who writes about things that people from different  walks of life can relate to in some way. I hope that my blog brings the gay community closer, but I don’t want it to segregate others. I want this blog to remain LGBT friendly but this does not mean you cannot share your opinions. I am going to write about things in the gay community, but you have the privilege of reading it from your stand point and belief system to fit your situation. 


My name is Shay-lon and I am fitness/health blogger , but I have now decided to write a second blog that talks about the other half of who I am – being a lesbian. I don’t have all the answers to life’s problems and I don’t think I can save your marriage, I just believe that there is more than one way to handle life and relationships – regardless of your sexual orientation. I don’t recommend taking my advice, I just recommend you use my advice to come up with a better solution to fit your circumstances.  


“Being different can either make or break you” 


Shay-lon , 

8 thoughts on “Introducing myself, First thing you should know

  1. Shay-Lon,
    BRAVO! I am not LGBTQ myself, but I am a huge supporter. In light of the recent announcement by our administration to block transgendered people from serving in our military, I think the more resources for members, supporters and even the ignorant are more important than ever. The best part about blogging is giving a voice and personal perspective to issues. Own it, promote it and you will 100% have my support and follow! Proud of you. I’m sure it was a little scary. 😙

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    1. Omg, wow! You’re awesome, and I am so happy that this didn’t scare you away from my blog. I honestly didn’t ever come forth about my sexuality on my blog because I knew it had nothing to do with fitness BUT when I decided that I had a post that would identify my sexuality, I had to take the plunge and create a second blog so that it wouldn’t plague my fitness blog but at the same time it would be of interest to those that want to know. I feel like this new blog was created in good timing, and in light of everything that is happening, I am hoping that it grows in a positive way. I will admit this was a very nerve wrecking dive but if all else fails, I delete it and say I tried! lol


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